Sunday, August 24, 2008

Storm acrylic 36x48 SOLD

Fall by the Medway acrylic 48x10 SOLD

Doorways of Umbria acrylic 36x48 SOLD

Blowing in the Wind diptych acrylic 18x24x2 SOLD

One Man's Junk acrylic 24x30 SOLD

Hanging Grapes acrylic 36x12 SOLD

Table of Flowers acrylic 24x30 $525 SOLD

Abandoned Farmhouse acrylic 32x28 $675

Sunset acrylic 24x30 $625

Seventh Wave acrylic 24x30 $525 SOLD

Through the Waves acrylic 10x20 SOLD

Penguins acrylic 24x30 $475 SOLD

The Endurance acrylic 16x20 SOLD

Musk-Ox acrylic 24x30 SOLD

Softly acrylic 14x11 SOLD

Magenta Suete acrylic 20x24 $435 SOLD

Lunenburg Under Moonlight acrylic 18x24 SOLD

Halifax Waterfront acrylic 18x24 SOLD

Halifax Monoliths mixed media 15x10 SOLD

Lovers mixed media 9x7 $225 SOLD

Through the Valley acrylic on board 9.5x17.5 $425 SOLD

Daybreak Over the City acrylic 48x24 $675 SOLD

Blue Rocks Cove oil 14x11 SOLD

Oblivion acrylic 8x10 SOLD

Enduring acrylic 24x20 $425 SOLD

Country Church watercolour 14x10 SOLD

Winter Energy acrylic 12 x 8 $275 SOLD

Woodland Walk watercolour 14x10 $325 SOLD

Boat Repair watercolour 14x10 $325

Carnival of Colour acrylic 14x10 $325